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Once Upon a Time…

The world used to only need one social platform. Over time, new communities with new “cool” ways to post began popping up around the internet. Not much later, when monetization became the hot new thing, bouncing from platform to platform became a full-time job for both creators and followers.

A green alien-looking astronaut floating through space while reading a book titled "Social Media 101"

Earning is a Scramble

Make a living online is hard work, and it has not gotten easier. The piecemeal revenues most creators get after platforms have taken their cut is simply not enough. Whether it’s subscriptions, digital products, personalized art, brand partnerships etc… That’s why we keep making accounts everywhere just to keep up and get by.

But it doesn’t have to be this way...

All Together Now

Picture a platform that lets you share all of your content in one place. Every new video, podcast, photo, song, art piece or latest update from all of your platforms: all shared to a single profile. Now, imagine if that same place had a suite of ways to monetize, too. No more tab-jumping. No more siloed followers. Everything about you in one place.

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