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Nowbase Plus

Cut out the middle men with a simple subscription. Nowbase+ gives you access to a growing library of ways to monetize your content without Nowbase taking a piece of the pie.

A pink hand holding a Nowbase logomark with a star symbolizing a plus.

A Better Way to Earn

Zero Fees from Nowbase

Nowbase does not take a cut of your revenues*

A Suite of Revenue Streams

Sell subscriptions, digital products and personalized art

Earn & Grow Together

Split revenues from your paid threads with co-hosts

The Blue Checkmark

Show your followers you're the real deal

*processing fees unaffiliated with nowbase may still apply.

Your Revenue Streams

Nowbase currently offers 3 ways to earn, and we have more in the works!

Paid Threads

Charge your followers a subscription or one-time fee to enjoy content in a thread. Threads can also have multiple co-hosts so you can split the revenues between collaborators.

An image of what the header of a paid thread looks like. The example shows that you get access to exclusive updates for an imaginary band for 5 dollars.

Digital Drops

Sell any of your digital creations with zero hassle. Upload your file, set your price and post. Purchases get sent automatically to the customer's Nowbase DMs.

Example of a digital drop. Grunkel the Wizard is selling his song demo called "Singin' in the Shower".

Content Requests

Offer personalized songs, video greetings or digital art. Just list your services and set your prices. You and your customer will be re-directed to communicate in DMs after completed purchase.

Example of Content Requests. Pinga the Gamer is selling 3 types of personalized art.
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