Be More Together

Be More Together

Your entire online presence in one social platform. Collaborate with friends on custom feeds, bring all your socials into one profile and monetize without the platform taking a cut.

A Feed for Every Moment

Grow your following with custom feeds for all your interests! Create unique content for parts of your audience so fans can subscribe to exactly what they want to see.

Public Feeds

Make your feed available to anyone on the internet, Nowbase user or not.

Invite-Only Feeds

Control who can view and post.

Pay-to-Access: Learn More

Go public, be exclusive or get paid

Custom feeds can be as public or hidden as you want. You can make one for the entire internet to see and another just for your superfans... or even just for followers that pay.

Grow audiences Together

Invite collaborators to your custom feeds and post together. Bring your band, film crew or art collective to build your following as a team!

A Place for Your Places

Save your fans time and trouble by syncing all your social accounts to Nowbase. That way, your profile becomes the landing spot for all of your latest content... and all of your followers.

Shopify logomark, white

Your Shopify

Bring in your Shopify products and showcase them in your profile.
Etsy Logomark, white

Your Etsy Store

Feature your Etsy products directly on your Nowbase profile.
Icon: File download.

Digital drops? Learn more

Your store. Your drop. Your all-around-shop.

Already got an e-shop? Great! Just bring in your Shopify or Etsy so anyone can find your products without bouncing all around the internet.

Status: Coming in 2023

Your data, Your Way

Your identity should not be for sale. Ever. Nowbase ensures that you control how to manage, export, delete or download your personal information.

Keep What You Make

Success should be rewarded, not punished. That's why Nowbase does not take a cut of your earnings. It's that simple.

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Digital Drops

Sell any of your digital creations with zero hassle. Purchases get sent to the customer's Nowbase DMs.
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Content Requests

Offer personalized songs, custom videos or digital art. Just list your services and set your prices.
Icon: Paywall

Pay-to-Access Feeds

Charge your followers a subscription or one-time fee to enjoy content.
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Allow followers to show you some love by paying for your next coffee.

...and more in the works!

Earn more in more ways

Every creator is different. As a subscriber on Nowbase, you get access to several ways to earn... all without the platform taking a cut.

Split, slice and Dice $

Got multiple hosts on a paywalled feed? Don't worry. We make it easy to divvy up your earnings with up to 10 fellow hosts. Earning is better together!

Nowbase is launching Bamboo!

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